The Workshops are designed for home cooks and good-food lovers.
Each course is focused on specific theme and on seasonal menu.

The courses take place on Sundays of an average duration of 3 hours and end with a tasting of the dishes prepared by the students

The course included:

  • A recipe booklet
  • All ingredients provided

You need to bring just your soul and your passion

Beginners: 1st Sundays each month – 40£ – Ideal for absolute biginners with little or no experience in the kitchen.

How to make handmade Pasta: 2nd Sundays each month – 50£ – Ideal for those who already have a fair command in the kitchen but want to face the step of handmade.

Pizzamaker experience day: On Sundays each Half Term – 25£ – Ideal for kids, adults and family, have a funny day making and eating your own classic Pizza or traditional Pizza Fritta.

Pizzamaker Party: Ideal up to 25 kids & adults. Flour everywhere and obviously a lot of enthusiasm and fun. – Prices will be agreed in private, tailored on the kind of party –