Pizza Fritta / Fried Pizza


Pizza Fritta / Fried Pizza is one of the most traditional Neapolitan street food.

The fried Pizza was born in Naples as poor food for the simplicity of the ingredients but is rich in high quality ingredients.
It is the fried version of the classic Neapolitan pizza, invented to cope with times of famine, such as during the Second World War. At that time it was difficult to find the ingredients for the Pizza Margherita and not all had their own wood oven, therefore the fried pizza -expression of Neapolitan creativity- has spread as street food, allowing the families to survive economically.

The first version was simply a disk of pizza dipped in hot oil and served hot by adding a pinch of salt. Subsequently it spreads the classic Montanara with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese and the classic Calzone stuffed with ham or salami, tomato sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

LovingEAT uses the original recipe for Pizza dough using exclusively sourdough (so-called “criscito” in Neapolitan) and followed by a slow rise of the minimum of 24 hours. This process allows a limited production of pizzas but ensures a high quality product making the pizza fritta soft and golden.

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